Craigslist | 1975 CB550 Brat Cafe Build – Nicely Done Homebrew Build

This central-Texas brat/cafe home build is choc full of nice bits, and a motivated seller makes this a worthwhile look.

Seller claims to have done this recent engine-out rebuilt themselves, and certainly bought quite a few good bits to get it going.

The frame has been bobbed and the rear-loop set to an incline, and the full electronics relocation sets up the proper cafe frame look. The frame, and all the black engine parts were powder coated.

The seller went a little crazy at the Motogadget shop and has upgraded this build’s electronics with a newest-model m-unit controller, m-blaze blinkers, an m-switch, and finally their mini speedo. That setup alone is over $1000 in parts (we know, we’ve used some of these bits in the past). The whole shebang is connected together with a fresh wire loom.

The bike has a new regulator and rectifier, AntiGrav battery, Dyna coils, new headlight, new front brake, and starter solenoid. 4-into-1 exhaust will make this rumble nicely at the stoplight.

This build has dropped clip-ons, and both the tank and headlight bucket are finished in what the seller calls “Mustang Grabber” blue. New Firestone Champion tires finish this build off with the “correct” look, even if we dont think they are the most practical riding tire.

CB550s are our visual favorites for this style of build, but when friends ask, we mainly recommend them for newer, more compact riders, and those that weigh less than 170lbs or so. Toting around more than that can make the CB550 feel under-powered for the rigors of modern riding.

Seller is asking for $5500, but seems motivated, so this bike is OBO.

If we were looking at this one, wed take a look inside the tank, as there appears to be some bondo-work and maybe some new welding in some of the pre-paint pictures. If its all done right (and rust free), it’s not the end of the world… IF it’s done right.

Title is listed as clean and in the sellers name. Bike is located in the Austin, Texas area.

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