Craigslist | 1976 BMW R90/6 – Vintage Black Bomber

If we were looking for an honest, truly vintage looking bike that might just make a worthy daily commuter, this 1976 BMW r90/6 is what we’d get.

For sale on Craigslist in the SF Bay Area is this very clean looking 1976 BMW r90/6 in that color of black only BMWs seem to come in.

Seller states 58k original miles, with the bike being just back from service. Seller did an oil change, new plugs, new clutch, and replaced the entire exhaust system, which we take to mean new headers as well. From the pictures this seems likley, and the equipment looks correct.

If the engine is in good tune and un-messed with, the 900ccs should produce about 60hp, which is a full 7 less than the R90/S model. The /6 also shares the smaller tank with the smaller Beemers of that year, with the S tank holding a whopping 2 additional gallons (you know those when you see them).

This bike has had the ubiquitous electronic ignition upgrade, and seller states that the clutch and brakes are both great.

This model also comes with period hard panniers, original tire pump, crash bars, and a fantastic fairing (which apparently has a few scratches, and does look a little wonky to us in the pictures).

Seller says the bike has no other dents or dings, and goes on to say that is was “Adult owned and garaged.”

This one seems like it could be an honest driver to us. If we were going to buy, we’d ask the seller the name of the shop that did the recent work, then call them up and ask about this bike specifically.

Seller is asking $8000, and claims clean CA title in-hand and says they ride the bike often. We think this bike would look especially nice at your local 2019 DGR.

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