Craigslist | 2009 Ducati GT1000 – Full Custom Sport Classic with Paul Smart Parts

Up for sale on Craigslist in upstate NY is a completely custom Ducati 1000GT that might just be the Duc of your dreams. Seller claims to have started with a new 2009 Sport Classic and gone whole-hog on a professional custom.

The bike was built up by Maria Riding Company, a professional shop out of Lisbon, Portugal that seems to do a lot of nice looking work and sits strongly in the Surf & Oil aesthetic.

While at Maria, the shed its stock tank and recieved a Paul Smart replacement. It also received a 2-into-1 exhaust system from Termignoni and a new ECU, as well as a pair of Bitubo rear shocks. The bike also recieved a Paul Smart fairing, which appears to have been modified to reveal a projector headlamp.

At this point in the post my wallet is really aching.

The seat and tail are fully custom, as is the racing-livery-ish paint (which we think has 2-too-many “Maria” logos on it, though it is admittedly very pretty.

Seller stated the bike then crossed the Med. to Italy where it was “re-engineered” by GPM Racing, which we assume means ECU mapping, suspension work and dyno yadda yadda.

Seller says the bike has gone 16k miles since the rebuild, and is a ready rider.

Seller says the bike has a clean NY title and is street-legal, despite appearances.

Now, we don’t know for sure, but we’d be willing to bet that SOMEONE has way more into this bike than the $12,000 asking price. That, plus the zip-code where it’s being sold gives us a sneaking suspicion that this bike may live with a bunch of other equally flashy rides and someone needs to make room.

If this is your jam, we say offer $10k, and plan on coming to pick it up. THe ride back down the Hudson to the NY metro area is spectacular.

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