Craigslist | 1971 Honda CB 500 – Dirty Martini Cafe Racer

CB 500s are great first bikes, and even better when they have a style and story all their own. Up for sale in the Sacramento Area is this customized and fully Cafe’d Honda 500 four.

We came for the unusual color, but are staying for the fun overall combo of vintage looks and style. Technical details are sparse here, which always makes us nervous, but overall fit and finish look descent, and if you can negotiate a little you would end up with a pretty little bike for the money.

To our eye, the cafe cowl with it;’s circular red tail light looks like a big ol’ martini olive, and that works well matched to the white striping, white Honda wings, and white wire wheels.

Originally the 500ish ccs made about 50hp, and with a low seat height, its a nice option for smaller riders, or bigger folks who want something compact.

The build is topped off with a brit-style pedestrian slicer number plate, and bar-ends, the whole package works together. The whole package and obviously custom paint tell us someone or several someones have well-more than the asking price invested (though that doesn’t make it automatically good).

Seller claims that the bike has a complete top-end rebuild and resto work 1000 miles ago, at a cost of over $6k. Seller states new rear Hagon shocks as part of that work, but also states that all the major mechanical components are original to the bike, making it serviceable at any shop that deals in vintage Hondas.

Seller states ODO is at 2300, but our guess thats since the original custom job, that turned this into a cafe racer.

Seller states clean title, but lack of overall technical info, and this probably being 2nd or 3rd hand build, we’d negotiate down from the $5500 asking price so we could afford a full mechanical once-over by someone we trust, and probably the usual carb tune.

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