Instagram | Air Cooled Triumph Bonneville Custom – The ’66 Bike’ from Down and Out Moto

UPDATE: We reached out to D&O Moto and received updated and expanded info on the bike, which is now included below.

Up for sale on Instagram is this UK-based high-end custom from famous-makers Down and Out Moto. The Rotherham-based shop has been turning out very trick modern Triumphs for a while now, and they’ve got a build back in stock from a previous owner. 

D&O states that the “’66 Bike” only has 250 miles on the rebuild, and was one of their last air-cooled builds. They describe the bike as “top spec,” and specifically call out the wide forks to accommodate some decidedly beefy tires.

A cursory look reveals all new suspension all around, new triple-trees and new, wider forks. There’s an all-new handlebar setup thats pretty clean. The bars themselves look like low-rise LSL bars of some kind, new Motone buttons, a Motogadget mini, new grips and adjustable levers, LSL brake resivoir, etc etc. 

Bodywork is also meaningfully modified, with both front and back fenders bobbed, side covers modified, and new lights all around. There is now a custom 2-into-1 header and exhaust that ends in a cone muffler. A new, shorter seat has been mounted in a nice milk-chocolate color. We cant tel if the engine has been messed with at all, but the straight-through exhaust alone should improve on the 60-ish horses that these engines out out from the factory. 

There are some interesting -looking finned covers on the carbs, but D&O says that its otherwise a 2016 Factory Spec Triumph. They did add a custom seat loop, but the frame seems otherwise unmodified, as even some factory flanges and mounting tabs remain.

D&O says that custom (front) foot pegs, chain guard and shocks are all custom, and specifically are in-house parts.

Paint is a pleasant powder blue with vintage-style Triumph graphics and gold detailing on the side and tank-pad area.

But like any top-end custom, the question really is wether or not the whole adds up to greater than the sum of it’s parts—and in this case we think the answer is yes. The overall brat/street aesthetic holds well with the vintage Triumph graphic details and makes for a pretty imposing Imperial presence. If you like supporting the Queen, then this is a pretty rad ride to do it on.

D&O is asking 14k GBP, or $17,800 USD. Asking price is steep, but we doubt you could commission a full custom like this for that price.

Down And Out is taking questions about the bike via DM on their Instagram account, and dont have a price listed at the moment. We’ll update this post when we can get more info.

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