Craigslist | 1975 Honda CB 550 BratCafe Racer – A Pride & Joy Homebrew

The best motorcycles are owned by enthusiasts. They tent to be better cared for, lovingly maintained, and feature better parts and workmanship. 

That pride is on display here in a 1975 Honda CB 550 for sale on craigslist. 

The seller claims to have built the bike up, nut-by-bold and spared no expense. The result does have a bit of the homebrew look about it, but to our eye that isn’t a slight – it just doesn’t specifically conform to every mainline trend happening in this kind of bike building. The shorty rear fender and matching light, for instance, remind us more of some modern cruisers than it is of the 70s trackers that everyone seems to be building right now. 

But we digress, the seller has a laundry-list of parts and up[grades that we’ll list below, though the vast majority of the work appears to be bolt-ons. The bike was featured by Dime City Cycles Instagram…so we have a guess as to where some of said bolt-ons probably came from. 

Seller states that the engine has been overhauled and painted, the frame has been “redesigned,” which to our eye looks mostly like the addition of an angled seat loop. All new Delkevic 4-into-1 exhaust headers and a new silencer have been fitted. The new parts list looks like a full carb rebuild was performed as well.

The electrical system has been converted to electronic ignition, with new switches and lights here and there. New headlight has been installed, as well as a combination tail-light. The seller’s description does fall short of a whole new wiring harness.

Mechanical and drive-line parts have also been replaced, including wheel bearings, chain, fork parts, clutch parts, filters, plugs etc etc. Brakes appear to have been refreshed as well.

Seller states that he is not currently running the stock speedo/tach combo, but that he will include both in the sale and he has fitted new cables for the pair.

The build is finished off with new rims and spokes being fitted to the stock (rebuilt) hubs, and new Dunlop K70 Vintage-style tires over new tubes installed.

Overall, lots of new parts and a fair amount of sweat seem to have gone into this bike. If the seller’s skill as a builder match their apparent pride in this build, then it should be a reliable companion for years to come.

As with all bikes, and especially homebrews, we recommend getting a clean bill of health from a competent mechanic that works on this kind of bike regularly.

Seller claims clean title in their name, and is asking $4250 – and says the price is fairly firm. That’s high for a 550, but if things look good overall, it’s not too far off of reasonable.

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