Craigslist | 1980 Honda CB750 – Descent Looking Custom Cafe at an OK Price

Up for sale on SoCal Craigslist is a nice-looking 1908 Honda CB750 that’s been cafe’d and bratted up just a bit.

We’d like to take this moment to address the palpable CB750 Cafe Racer backlash thats going on – shows not looking at them, hipster builders rolling their eyes when they see one… but we offer another view. Having a bike that they are LOTS of is NOT a bad thing… especially if you are thinking about your first custom. Tons of bikes means parts, a greater number of experiences techs, and a HUGE diy help network on YouTube. Yes, you wont be the ONLY other person on the ride with that bike… but that just means you’ll make a new friend on every ride.

But we digress.

Not a ton of detail on this post, but the seller says this bike was built up at Cycle Refinery in Austin, TX. THe build looks mostly like a bolt-together job, with most of the original Honda parts left in place, plus some nice-looking rear-cowl work, and frame fab.

The frame has been bobbed and given a new rear loop, the tank mount geometry adjusted to help the new, more aggressive line of the bike, and the custom rear cowl does look well-deigned, with an integrated tail light.

Seller says the carbs have just been rebuilt and tuned, with aftermarket Dyno jets, K&S floats and intakes, and the ubiquitous pod filters. Seller also states that the bike has new seals, battery, brakes, tires, fluids, spark plugs and clutch…and that a full maintenance has just been performed.

Odds seem good that this is in very rideable, livable condition—though as always getting a mechanic to look it over is better than not.

Seller is asking $5500, clean title in-hand, though we might try for $5000, and seller pays shipping.

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