Craigslist| 1982 Yamaha XV920R Cafe Racer – If Yamaha Made a Buell

Up for sale on Bay Area Craigslist is a cafe racer conversion you dont see that often—a 1982 Yamaha XV920R that’s been rebuilt into a cafe racer show pony.

The ’82 XV920R was an attempt at a v-twin euro-style sport tourer. The bike sold well in Europe, but never caught on in the US—some say for being the answer to a question no one was asking, and others for being a little ahead of it’s time.

The liter displacement v-twin with final chain drive was styled very much like BMW R100S of the era, with a sporty, 2-up seating arrangement and a slimmer race-inspired cowl.

This example has been thoroughly modified as to resemble the sport-tourer from which it came, having been remade into something that reminds us of the dearly departed Buell Blast. This cafe retains the large, sculpted tank of the original Virago, but a new subframe and full wrapped seat assembly make it very thin past the waist.

Seller claims (and includes pictures of) a complete rebuild of the original engine, whcih they say had 30k miles on it at their time of purchase.

The rebuild included new powder coating on the new custom subframe (to match the black stamped steel main frame). The carbs are said to have been rebuild, given new filters, and rejetted to match the new 2-into-1 exhaust, and the engine has been given a fresh top end.

Brakes were gone through and rebuilt, and the bike is said to stop very well.

Seller claims the build included replacement of lots more little bits that you’d do if you were elbow-deep in a full rebuild, but especially calls out all new cabling, hoses, stainless steel braided everything, and all suspension overhauled to better-than-new function.

We like that the build retains the oversized headlight that was a signature of the original bike, and we think it fits well with the overall package. The bike has been professionally painted in white with tomato-red racing stripes that we think give this cafe a distinctly American muscle-vibe—especially when mated to the line of a big v-twin.

The video linked below shows the bike starting right up, and does focus on an admittedly savage exhaust note that will be ringing in our ears for some time. The seller says the fun of this one is all about mid-range torque, and we admit there are few things more fun than pinning the throttle and racing from 50 to 80 in a hurry.

Seller is offering the bike for $6500, including a clean California title. We feel that price isn’t a seal, but isn’t highway robbery either, and probably represents close to what has been out into the bike.

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