Craigslist | 1964 Honda Dream CA77 – Bagger Fever Dream

This Honda CA77 is the weirdest “Dream,” we’ve ever seen… by a long shot. That’s not to say its bad, and far be it from us to stand between someone and a bike they obviously love. 

Let me step back a little. The Honda Dream series was an era that Honda had to get through to arrive at the dominant CB years. These bikes were under-powered, had stamped steel frames, and my some specs were even behind the times they were manufactured in. But thats just one side. 

The “Dream” bikes were names that becuase they represented the dream that Mr. Honda held that the company would be able to produce s WHOLE motorcycle. And this era of bike was it. 

These bikes were a signal to British makers (that they missed) that Honda was coming for them. By the time the K0s came around, it was too late. So the Dream occupies an incredibly important part of Honda lore. 

We assume full knowledge of this is the only reason someone would have put this much work into this 305cc, stamped steel bike that was never super popular in the first place.

Where. Too. Begin.

This bike holds on to so may things that are undeniably a “Dream,” and yet is so far from anything we’ve seen. The seller appears to have disassembled the whole bike and black wrinkle-coated just about everything. We cant say we dislike what that does for the ream’s trapezoidal lines… its just a new one for us.

Aside from the white-walls, which we like, the seller has fitted a good-size set of hard bags (maybe from a Harley Roadking?) and turned this thing into the bagger that Honda never knew it needed to produce. The rear fender was lengthened about 4 inches (per the seller) and the rear suspension was slammed to give the whole bike a decidedly bagger profile.

The springer seat seem right for this bike now, which is very blacked out and looks almost bobberey – though we’re not sure thats what Mr. Honda had in mind.

The lighting bears special mention – as up front the seller has fitted a sort of cross-configuration LED array into the Dream’s signature squarish headlamp housing. We actually really like it, as nuthouse as it is. The rest of the lighting is pretty meh – lots of “CycleGrear off-the-shelf stuff that could and should be swapped with almost anything from Dime City Cycles to make it look loads better. Same goes for the weirdo speedo, which would be way more at home on a modern endruo.

Finally, and most quizzically, the seller has taken the signature chrome side panels off the tank and had them hydro-dipped with a faux carbon fiber look. We would never, and we mean NEVER, in a million years, have though to do that. We cant even formulate an opinion about wether or not its good… our minds are that blown. Good news it, it’s easy to remove if you want chrome back.

So there you have it. NeverDropped is all about putting bikes in the hands in the hands of new owners that will love and ride them, and this thing begs to be ridden be someone who loves it. We can guarentee that you’ll get looks of admiration (and maybe just a little confusion) but mostly admiration, when you roll up on this hog on the next poker run.

Seller says the title is clear, and is asking only $2950, whcih is a lot for a regular Dream 305…. but in this case, this might be the most bike you can get for that price? Someone please buy it and tell us what happens.

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  • Mschehen 2 years ago

    I am the builder and I sold it to a guy in Washington state last year. I still have the bags so not sure why he is showing those pics. If anyone has questions or is interested in the bags I can be reached at


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