Craigslist | 1975 BMW R60 Scrambler – Tidy Scrambler Build, but Too Expensive

Up for sale on craigslist is a tidy-looking pro-built 1970 BMW R60 /6, setup as a road-going scrambler. At first glance this looks like a pretty bog-standard build, but we think some use of texture in a pretty sparse color palette makes it better than the sum of its parts. 

Seller claims the bike was build up by Oil & Blood in Las Vegas, and began with a well-sorted /6 with 23k original miles. Seller says the bike was dissasemled, the engine was painted black, and the tank was redone in Land Rover OD green. Seller states that on reassembly, the engine received a valve job and new head seals – no mention of carbs, which could be good or bad. 

A well-sorted R60/6 600cc motor should put down about 40hp, which will feel like plenty for most riding, unless you are an especially heavy rider. The Lowe seat-heigh and low center of gravity on these, coupled with modest power make them a great choice for a first “full size” bike in our opinion. They are even comfortable for smaller female riders, once they are confident with balance.

The rest of the modifications appear cosmetic—with what look like brown built well grips on OEM BMW enduro bars, an Acewell speedo (we cant tell which one) and titanium-wrapped headers into matte black shorty pipes. A new asphalt-gray seat with lots of leather grain leads into a new LED tail light that looks correct on this build. Seller says the bike sits on Shinko knobby tires, which look right for this build, but are middle-of-the-road chalice quality-wise. If we were going to give this to a newer rider, we might change the tires out to something a little more street-friendly (though these aren’t too bad.)

Like we said, no frills here, but we especially like the grain and color of the seat, matched to the header wrap. That, plus the right amount of black, chrome, silver and brown make for a very nice looking whole.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch… the asking price, which is pretty fantastical. Seller is asking $9000 for this /6, which smells 100% to us like trying to recoup build costs. We get that impulse, and a really nice looking bike that fits your riding style and aesthetic is priceless… but the market for these is much closer to $6k than $9k…even if this one is in perfect condition.

Seller claims a clean title, so if you an get them out of the stratosphere price-wise, you’d have a good-looking BMW custom. 

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