Craigslist | 1972 Honda CL450 Custom Brat – Happy House Pet Turned Feral Street Machine

Up for sale in the Denver Area is a very nice looking bratted 1972 Honda CL450 tracker. This machine looks as mean as a smaller-framed bike can, and we think this build passes our test.

There are a TON of hacked up, bratted-out homebrew 70s Honda builds out there, so we try to only post ones that stand out in some way – either their provenance, builder, overall execution, or occasional weirdness. 

We dont know the builder on this one, but if it’s homebrew, it looks very well executed. Overall this build rises above the many that are just an assemblage independent pieces and gels into a new and more interesting whole.

So what have we got here? Things started off with a pretty run-of-the-mill beat CL450. It does not look like the frame has been bobbed, and the engine appears stock, but other than that the changes are everywhere.

New side panels have been fitted with some nice cut-outs to accommodate filtered carbs. This is a common move, but often these fit poorly or bulge in strange places – in this case the builder has taken some care to get gaps correct and make things flow.

The original tank has been swapped for something smaller – we cant recall precisely which, but it looks like a slightly later Honda dualsport tank. If someone hawkeyed can say exactly what, tell us all in the comments. That’s been sprayed silver and fitted with a vintage looking Honda wing decal.

The seat has been dispensed with at a springer-mount bobber seat has been fitted. We canst say for sure, but we think you’ll most probably just be bottoming that out on the frame rails… so not much for comfort, but very cool look.

Nearly-flat handle bars and a single lanesplitter bar end mirror are all you get up at the controls, but speed and tach are overrated any way.

The stock metal parts have had a very nice polish, and the fenders have been bobbed… though that doesn’t really cover what has been done on the front. The front fender on this bike MAY be the shortest bob fender we’ve ever seen; so short that we initially mistook it for some kind of cosmetic fork-brace.

2-into-1 header now mounts low and finishes in a cone muffler, with everything coated in matte black.

As we said, we feel the whole here is nicer looking than the sum of its parts, and we think this could be an idea second bike from a smaller-stature rider, or a badass female biker looking for something to show and ride.

The seller doesn’t mention it in the listing specifically, but we THINK this bike is kick-start only.

Seller seems cranky (which makes us think they did this with their own hands), but motivated to sell. The asking price is $5k, but OBO usually means no reasonable offer will be refused. They mention cash-only, buuuut these days, sometimes that can mean Venmo too. Seller claims clean title and current registration ready to go.

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