Craigslist | 1972 Kawasaki 750 H2 – Restored Superbike at a Collector Price

Up for sale on San Diego Craigslist is a 1972 Kawasaki 750-triple H2 that seller claims to have restored to full as-new condition. 

For the uninitiated, the ’72 750 was, for the time a terrifyingly fast, if unrefined entrant into the US market by Kawa. In our minds, this bike is the spiritual progenitor of the GSX-R, which fills a similar place in the Japanese lineup here in the states—numbers to take notice of, if not quite as “engineered” as the Hondas or Yamahas in the same class.

But we digress. This Kawa looks to be in like-new condition, and is probably destined for an indoor life as part of a collection (given the asking price).

When new, these bikes would do a quarter mile in 12 seconds, which isn’t slow by even modern standards. They put down a claimed 75hp from their 750cc inline 3 cyl. engine, and for a short time were THE track-day contender.

This resto seems to have been split between a resto shop called Symbolic International, (which mostly does cars), and another, unnamed Kawa mechanic. If we were contemplating playing a collector’s price for this mike, we’d 100% verify the above and make sure everything was done by someone who knows what factory spec was.

Seller claims the 12k miles showing ont he clock are correct and original, and is offering the bike with a clean and current California title in their name.

Now, the asking price is… high. $26,500 high. That’s modern BMW track-day bike money. But, let’s not compare apples and oranges.

For someone who grew up drooling over the fastest bikes of the early 70s, and who has finally carved out the space in their linoleum-tiled garage for an ultimate 70s machine, this might be THE one.

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750 H 2 Mach IV






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