Craigslist | 1977 BMW R100S – Alpine White at a Nice Price

Not much to go on in this listing, so we’ll file this one under “very cool if true.” Up for sale on NorCal area Craigslist is this 1977 BMW R100S in Alpine White.

The seller is VERY brief in the post, claiming that the bike is in great condition, kept indoors, and simply has a dead battery.

These kinds of posts can be either the signal of a possible deal, or a real wild goose chase. Our inspection of the (admittedly few) photos though gives us some home that we wanted to share, given the price.

We see a bike that hasn’t been ridden in a while (hence the bead battery), but that is in overall good-looking condition despite a little dust. The chrome looks bright and un-rusty, Indicating descent storage conditions, and the overall Appearance of the engine and seat look clean and without obvious signs of age and wear.

Now, we assume (and we think you should too) that any time we buy a bike older than 1990, first think we’ll have to do is a carb cleanup. Even if these need to be overhauled because of age or varnish, that’s still within the range of expectation.

32k miles on a well cared-for Bimmer of this era doesn’t concern us, and the reliability and predictability of these bikes speaks for itself, once any storage-related kinks are worked out.

When new, the 980cc motor here was good for about 70hp – the most of any BMW at the time (Save the r-spec version of this bike). This example appears to remain in OEM setup, with full-width handlebars, front dual disc brakes, 2-up saddle, and the final year of BMW’s wire spoke wheels. The tail fairing here looks clean, and the bike also comes with a black rear rack.

Seller is asking $3750, but says that it is OBO… so we’d negotiate for sure. Our move would be to bring our own battery / jumper, and do a test ride (after checking fluid levels…seriously, do this first). If things are reasonably smooth after a few miles, and there’s no obvious judder or carb issues, AND the bike stops well, then we’d go for it if we could get closer to $3k.

Odds are you’d walk away with a reliable bike and enough money to get the carbs done and a few things upgraded so you could ride the wheels off this thing and never worry.

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R 100 S






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  • lovemotors 2 years ago

    Would you rather have 1050cc abomination or this honest original for a fraction of the price!!!


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