Craigslist | 1970 BMW R60 – 1050ccs of Full Custom at Full Price

Ok, we admit it. We were drawn in by the lovely Adriatic Blue paint, with the brushed-steel toaster side-panels (which we know is sacrilege, but also oh-so pretty). This 1970 BMW R60 custom appears to be by Roughchild Moto, based in South LA. 

We’ve written up Roughchild’s bikes before- notably a really pretty white-and-black model that would have looked at-home in a West Elm Catalogue just as easily as it did on the road.

We know, we know…but if you are looking for a bike that looks like you just rode it off a plinth in a trendy moto-themed coffee shop, and you want it right now… and you love blue (it’s a great blue), then this might just be your bike.

But we digress… back to the bike at hand.

This bike starts with an R60 frame, that’s got an r90 engine shoehorned in the middle. The motor has been given the Sibenrock (high-end aftermarket BMW parts purveyor) “power” kit, whcih includes big-bore cylinders and dual-spark heads. the resulting engine tips over a liter at 1050cc. The original R90 motor put out about 67hp, so we’d bet this one is closer to 80 with the extra headroom.

Seller says the power system has been upgraded (usually that means electronic ignition, maybe a Motogadget unit), and it all breathes through Mikuni slide carbs and K&N filters.

They kept the original hubs, and laces them to 17′ Excel rims front and rear. The whole package sits on good looking but somewhat impractical knobby tires (as is the trend). This thing has a standard/sport stance, so we cant imagine it spending a lot of time running in the dirt.

Up at the controls, seller says the original headlight bucket has been retained, but the speedo workings have been replaced with a Motometer unit.

Seller is asking $15,000, which is A LOT, but is probably what you’d pay if you bought a donor (or two), and paid someone capable to build something like this just for you.

So, if you cant wait 6-8 months for that, OR, you have $15k burning a hole in your pocket, and your coffee table is already Adriatic Blue, we say you should jump on this and have an adventure.

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R 60/5






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  • lovemotors 2 years ago

    I must say that the ask price is inane for a put together bike that really has no apparent redeeming qualities and I cannot imagine that it was put together with any motive other than minimum effort to get maximum profit.

  • drakeadmin 2 years ago

    You are free to ask valuable questions here, and even squabble with price—but tearing another moto enthusiast or shop down becuase you dont think they care as much as you do, isn’t allowed here. Thanks.


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