Craigslist | 1987 BMW K100 RT – Even Bricks Can Be Sexy

Up for sale in the Anaheim, CA area is a particularly tidy-looking 1987 BMW K100 RT in a particularly alluring share called Minzgrün (Mint Green). 

For the uninitiated, the K-bikes were BMW’s answer to tightening emissions restriction that made them ditch the traditional air-heads for a time. This K100 liter bike has a characteristic DOHC inline 4 cyl engine that put out about near 90hp and could push this admittedly heavy bike to over 135mph. 

These speedy tourers became know as “Flying Bricks,” and we could never figure out if that was because of the quadrilateral shape of the engine housing, or the overall boxiness of the design. Either way, these stand-out bikes hold their own place in motorcycling history, and we’d take a well sorted one of these cross country over a new Goldwing any day.

This fully-faired RT version even has a BMW OEM sound system installed, in the fairing, and a king&queen seat ready for a long trip. Seller says they will include the cases seen in the pictures, which look like the real BMW stuff, but we cant tell for sure from pictures.

The seller claims this 65k mile bike is one owner, and says they just replaced the fuel pump, fuel injection, oil and filter. To our ears, that sounds like the tune-up you’d do to a bike that had been sitting for too-long with ethanol-laced gas in the tank.

Seller seems to be pushing this bike toward folks that want to tear it apart and build a Cafe racer, but we like it the way it is, and if it turns out to be in decent mechanical shape, negotiating down toward $4000 might be an ok deal — this would be one heck of an after dinner mint.

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