Instagram | 1984 Kawasaki GPZ900 – Serial #2 Ninja With Racing Provenance

Up for sale on Instagram might be the Ninja you always wanted—or at least the one you wanted if you grew up dreaming of Mav and Goose. 

@WorkHorseAutos out of Nebraska has a special Ninja that’s been returned to street-spec after an early career racing in the Daytona 200.

The seller states that the bike, which bears serial number 2, was raced in 1984, and came from the factory with a race-prepped motor, which is no longer with the bike. In its place is a correct ’84 street-spec Ninja motor.

1984 was the initial year of the revolutionary Ninja, and serial number 2 is probably the lowest number in private hands (the first typically going to the factory museum, and subsequent numbers going to race teams (like this one).

Seller states the odo. has only 4800 miles, 200 of which are accounted for at Daytona. Seller is unclear exactly how many miles are on the replacement motor (which bears a differnt vin than the frame).

The ’84 Nina is the fist model year and carried the revolutionary valve liquid-cooled inline 4 — a first in a production bike. The 900cc motor produced a face-melting 115hp when new, and was said to be capable of 150mph. This frame may be one of the few to have experienced those numbers—heck, this bike might have ESTABLISHED those numbers.

Seller will include the original race plastics, a box of OEM parts, which include a swing arm, new grips, sprockets and more, along with a 1984 dealer-exclusive GPZ900 promo poster, which will surely look fantastic in the garage of the new owner.

Seller does say that the bike is not perfect, and has a few small scuffs and cracks on the front fender, ad well as what he describes as a “sub-standard” rust repair job on the tank sometime in the past.

All that, said, seller is asking $5,900 for what we’ll call most of a historical bike that set the bar for sport bikes to come. Also included: a permanent pass to listen to ‘Highway to the Dangerzone’ as much as you want.

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