Dealer Find | 1982 Honda Motra CT50 – JDM Pocket Pinzgauer

Sometimes the coolest things come in the smallest packages, and we think this bit of 1980s Honda escoterica proves the point. Up for sale from an Austin shop we found is this fantastic Japan Domestic Market Honda Motra 50, in original army green.

Mechanically, the Motra is similar to other 50cc Hondas of the era, though this boasts a 3-speed semi auto gearbox with high AND low ranges. Low range plus large tires and a fair bit of front suspension travel make good on this bike’s commando-good looks, and make it capable both on and off road.

The couple ads fo the Motra that are floating around google image search suggest someone might pack all their sports gear up on this think and take it to the park, but to our eye this one has campsite or hunting lodge get around all over it.

Or, as we’ve suggested with other specialty mini bikes, you could be the absolute king (or queen) of the tailgate by rolling up on your Motra with a few cases of beer securely bungee’d to the sturdy front and rear racks. But thats just the beginning—what CAN’T a little bike like this do? At least that’s how we’d explain it to our significant other.

The selling dealer states that it’s in good working order, recently serviced, and comes with maybe the most attractive feature a JDM bike can – a clean title from a US State with all the appropriate import paperwork.

We did a hard look at the pictures and we’d put cosmetic condition here 8/10, but the little bits of surface rust and paint wear here actually fit the motif and don’t take anything away from the whole package. And given that the seller is a shop, we’d expect that they’d have don’t the service correctly, and would at least would offer a little warrantee on the mechanical function.

Seriously, somebody buy this thing and keep us from doing it. It can be yours for $5,495, which is about $1000 less than we’ve seen these go for elsewhere.

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