Craigslist | 1972 Triumph Daytona 500 T100r – A Brit With Good Teeth

Up for sale in the LA area is this very nice-looking (and sounding) ’72 Triumph Daytona, finished in a very nice looking (but not original) white with tomato-red and champagne lining. 

Seller states that this mild restoration started with a matching frame and engine number bike, and focused primarily on a complete engine rebuild featuring a wide swath of new parts. The original air-cooled 490cc engine produced about 40hp when new, and puts this bike within a comfortable power range for most riders and conditions.

On the mechanical front, the seller states that the rebuild included porting and polishing the head, new valves and springs, new pistons, cams, and a crank balance.

Electrically, the bike is said to have a new stator, rotor, ignition coils, a full electronic ignition conversion, and has everything in worming order. We do note that the bike appears to be without turn indicators or any kind, and did originally come with them.

Rolling gear has been replaced, with new bushings, all new bearings, new oil seals, and a new clutch plate and basket. Noise comes out of correct-looking pea-shooter silencers, fed by 2-into-2 heads in true Triumph-style.

Stopping power is still provided by the original ventilated leading-shoe front brake—which for our money is one of the prettiest parts put on this era of Triumph. The brake assembly is ported at the front and covered with wire mesh giving it a look that simply isn’t replicated by any modern bike. Oh yeah, and if that’s not enough authentic Britannia for you, this bike’s 4-speed gearbox shifts on the RIGHT side.

That said, more modern riders might be a little thrown by the total absence of a rear brake – and we suggest fighting the urge to just squeeze that front brake twice as hard. Seller states that the one and only brake DOES work well, and has new pads.

Though there aren’t a ton of images to go on, the other cosmetics look pretty good here, though chrome is not perfect, and the seat looks like an OK recover.

Seller says the rebuild has 4000mi on it, whcih means it’s time for an oil change, and wether or not the carbs were redone during the rebuild, its probably time to look at those as well.

Seller states that the bike starts quick, rides great, and is offered with a clean, CA title.

Seller is asking $6800, which is suspiciously exactly the last price an equally good-looking, but more original example went for online a few months back. Dont get us wrong, we love this bike—and more than we love a vintage bike we can afford, we love one we can afford to ride.

With that in mind, we think that $5000 is the going rate for a really nice, non-concours, ’70s vintage daily rider from most manufacturers…and thats probably closer to the mark on where we’d make an offer… maaayybe more like $5500 if the carbs have been done recently, and if that paint looks as nice in person as it does int he photos…but then, we’ve got a soft spot for these.

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T 100 R Daytona






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