Dealer Find | 1991 Honda XRV750T Africa Twin – Lowest Mile Adventure Classic We’ve Seen

Up for sale in central Texas is a very clean ’91 Africa Twin Adventure bike…and it should be clean—the odo shows only 4200km, or about 2600 freedom units. 

For the uninitiated, the original run of Honda Africa Twins began after their late 1980s domination of the prestigious Pars-Dakar rally. Those wins spawned a 650cc consumer-version of the race-winning bike that cemented Honda’s bulletproof reputation in the offroad/adventure category. 

As the 1990s rolled around, Honda upped the displacement to 750cc, and redesigned cosmetics and several components to release the the bike on offer here. 

Rare in the US, these Africa bikes are known for bulletproof reliability and a dual-sport go-anywhere ride-ability. Though significantly smaller displacement (and lacking HRC race tuning), the 750 twins are torquey in the low end but have more staying power and comfort at cruising RPMs that the similarly-sized thumper XRs. The 60-ish hp on offer from this v-twin wont leave your teeth in the back of your head, but it should be plenty torquey to attack steep grades and pull at freeway speeds.

Long-travel front Showa forks and a pro-link rear with a modern mono-shock setup should keep things planted no matter the riding surface. The characteristic twin fox-eye headlamps really make the look for us, and give us images of pounding across Tunisian sand dunes through the night, chased by some hulking Russian support vehicle.

Critics of the bike (and to be clear, we aren’t one of them), say that the 750cc motor put out less power than it should have for what is a fairly heavy (we head “durable) bike. We think that choice is part of what gives these bikes their legendary longevity and fail-proof nature, and sometimes good design is about knowing when NOT to go a million miles per hour. 

Seller states that this particular, VERY low miles example is all original and everything functions as it should. We notice a little degradation in the fork boots, but overall we find this to be in VERY impressive condition.

Seller is asking $6495 with ac lean Texas title, but being a shop, there will be taxes and fees on that.

We think the price is in-range if that was the out-the-door price, and if the seller’s shop were to offer that plus a little 5000mi maintenance pop and similar function warrantee, then this might be the right bike at the right price.

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