Craigslist | 1975 Honda CB750 Super Sport – Low Miles & 70s Styles

While there’s no shortage of CB750s out there, every once in a while we crack open the overflowing mailbag and sift through to find something extra nice. After all, just because something was popular doesn’t mean it wasn’t great.

With that in mind, we found a pretty sweet ’75 750 Super Sport (more on that later), up for sale on Craigslist in the LA area for something approaching a reasonable price, and in a very nice shade of “Flake Sunrise Orange,” or as we like to call it “The color that comes to mind when you think of the mid 1970s.”

If you dont mark time by exactly which tank style Honda was using, here’s a few words on what the heck the “SS” in CB750ss means. By the mid 1970s, Honda was humming, and looking to riff on it;’s fantastically successful early 70s CB 750. Just as society was trading in skinny pants for wide collars, Honda did a restyle of its iconic flagship bike. The CB750 Super Sport, as you see it here is mostly defined by a restyle gas tank which includes a locking cover (probably a response to fuel thefts of the 1970s gas crisis), a fiberglass rear seat cowl (aka dress-up parts) and some new liveries.

The Super Sportiness was not exclusively cosmetic, however. the ’75 SS was the first year Honda included disc brakes on the rear, and the engine was tuned up and given a lighter flywheel and crankshaft. Other than that, though, what you have here is a rock-solid bike with lots of available parts in a slightly more far-out flavor than it’s predecessors.

Seller claims this example is all original, and to our eyes that seems to be the case. Original paint looks honest but good, and doesn’t show the typical thinness you’d see on the tank if the bike has spent even modest time stored out of doors.

The chrome and polished bits on the engine are also similarly bright and while they may have been polished, they look more like they’ve just survived well though unusually favorable storage. To be honest this think looks to us like it’s been locked in an air-conditioned bowling alley for the last 40 years.

We did note a tear in what appears to be (and the seller claims is) the original seat.

Seller also claims to have replaced and refurbished in quite a few spots. In addition to a full engine service and carb synch, seller claims New brakes, brake master, battery, fork seals, various gaskets, new chain and sprocket, and fresh shoes too boot.

Seller claims that the 11k miles shown on the odo are original, and the visible mechanical condition doesn’t give us doubt about that.

The bike is offered with a clean California title, with an asking price of $4250. Some may say that a rider-quality 750 should cost a lot less, and given how many of these were made, odds are you will see them for less. What we like here is the combo of overall original condition and a not outrageous asking. Also, lots of the people who think this is too much forget that 1975 was 40 years ago, not 20.

As always, we recommend an inspection before a purchase, but if you can get the seller to come down a little, the good news on CB740s is that even 40 years on, there are still tons of parts and people who work on them.

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  • chrisbc55 7 months ago

    Is this bike still for sale?


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