Craigslist | 1986 Honda GL1200 SEI Aspencade – ‘Martini Beige’ Dad Vibes

Ok, we admit, this isn’t the sort of bike we normally post, but here at NeverDropped, sometimes the charisma of a bike overrules any other considerations.

With that in mind, we’re kinda smitten with this 1986 Honda GoldWing Aspencade up for sale on Craigslist in New Mexico.

Back in 1984, Honda introduced the 3rd gen GoldWing as their premier interstate tourer. The model came in 3 specs. A naked standard, a fully faired Mid-range model called the Interstate, and the big daddy of the range…the Aspencade.

The GL (Honda’s GoldWing model designation) all feature 4 cylinder opposed boxer engines, with roughly 1200ccs if displacement. They make about 95hp, and are, as they say, built for comfort.

This particular GL is an Aspencade, which means it comes with very option offered by Honda at the time, and this being an SEI model means you also trade carburetors for The Gold Wing’s first fuel injection system, which it’s generally agreed woke these up and cured them into real touring beasts.

Aside from EFI, this Aspencade comes with state of the art comfort and electronics from 1986. You get advanced trip computers, LCD dash, and an advanced audio system including Dolby noise suppression, and intercom for passenger & driver. The ‘86 Aspencade SEI here is also special because the following year, Honda actually went BACK to carburetors because of the high cost of the (much better) fuel injection. And the answer to the next obvious question is yes, it does have a CB radio.

All that in a very clean looking package thats just dripping with 80s dad vibes in brown, chrome, and (we’re not kidding) ‘MARTINI BEIGE.’

Included is a model-matched Champion sidecar, which just makes this fantastic beast even better in our eyes.

Seller states that this example has fresh tires, new spark plugs, a fresh timing belt, upgraded LED lights, and a new rebuild not he sidecar braking system. The 46k miles on the odo might seem like a lot, but not for a well built touring bike, and not for a Honda—and this should be both.

What the downside? Well, it weighs about as much as a neutron star, and it probably handles like a panel van. Also, the “asking” price of $6000 is about $1000 more than we think even a spotless one would reasonably command. That said, the sidecar is a big plus, though doesn’t really ad value and probably has little resale value if it’s separated from this bike.

Upside is that the seller says they are thinking they’ll accept any “reasonable” offer… so here’s what we’d do. Get it checked out by an experienced Honda tech – if it’s in good shape, then we think $4750 would be fair, a little more if things look really great, a little less if there’s more wear than you can see in the pics.

Then, most importantly, you need to immediately ride it up to a bar, pickup some cougars (or bears) and ride off into the sunset, listening to some Van Halen.

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GL 1200 Aspencade SEI






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