Craigslist | 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp – Low Mile, Fully-Kitted Escape Machine

The think about a good deal, is it’s usually in the eye of the beholder. Occasionally though, there’s a bike that comes up where value-for-money seems to break through on so many levels. We think this Transalp we found for sale In Florida might just be such a bike. 

For the uninitiated, the Transalp is one of the seemingly infinite slices on te dual-sport style that Honda has taken over the years. These bikes were favored by outfits like the Swiss police, who wanted a bike that was comfortable, capable, reliable (they are Swiss, right?) and speedy on the highway, but also had the capability to take the ride offroad, as long as the surface didn’t get totally out of hand. In a lot of ways, this bike is sort of the more road-focused cousin to the Honda Africa Twin, which is more dirtbike setup to be a tourer.

We love the Transalps for being bulletproof, quick, capable, and comfortable at speed, while being relatively light and nimble for what they are. This era Transalp weighs less than 500lbs, which makes them a great commuting option, or even a tourer for a smaller/lighter rider.

This 1990 model is sort of the last of the original Transalp line before Honda started messing with it in earnest. By 1990, the 583cc liquid-cooled v-twin was pushing 55hp, up from 50 in prior years. This motor does have a softer tune on it, but that also means it should run forever if cared for. The only mark on their records these bikes to have reports of wheel bearings wearing out, but those are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Seller seems to have purchased just about every upgrade under the sun for this bike, and includes an itemized list as long as our arm in the Craigslist post.

Suffice to say, that even though seller claims only 8200 original miles, they’ve upgraded the entire electrical system, added a bunch of touring lights, LEDs in all the usual places, electronic ignition, aux charging ports, mounts, freeway/brush bars, pannier mounts… the list goes on. This one is finished in what we think was called “Moonstone Grey,” and certainly has a 90s appeal.

Of particular mechanical interest are the replaced chain and sprocket that the seller claims have less than 1500mi on them.

Seller even recently removed a bunch of parts and had them black powder-coated. We say overkill… but the sort of overkill we like in a bike.

Seller claims things are in fantastic shape all around, and aside from a very small ding on the left side of the tank, the bike is perfect and just needs a good home.

While there’s no “bad news” per se here, we always tread carefully when buying a bike in Florida. No, its not because Florida Man doesn’t know how to take care of a bike… it’s because it’s probably the rustiest state int he south. So, our main concern other than making sure the seller’s claims check out, would be looking for structural rust in important places, and making sure the recent powder-coating spree wasn’t to cover up something bad.

That said, usually bikes of this age that have had poor/moist storage show it on things like gauges faces and clear plastics — and these all look fantastic.

Seller is offering the bike, plus all the extras which we think probably cost $2k+, for $4500, OBO. We think $3,750 would be a fantastic price for this bike, and doable if you can convince the seller that the bike will be going to a home where it will be loved, as it appears they have loved it too.

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