Craigslist | 2008 Honda XR 650L – Low Miles & Ready for Anything

Just a quickie here on a Honda XR 650L we found up for sale in Northern California. These XRs are road-capable offroad bikes, at the top end of Honda’s dual sport line. 

The recipe for these XR 650s is a combination of the the long-serving, torquey and freeway-capable power plant initially designed for the NX-series Dominators, and matching it to a lighter, more offroad-friendly frame. The recipie is so good, Honda has produced this bike in nearly identical configuration for more than a human generation now. Well taken care of, these will be the machines of choice for nuclear cockroaches long after we are all gone. 

What IS new is how popular these have become as a platform for go-anywhere, street-track style customs, possibly the most famous of which is Cabin Fever, built a few years back by Daniel Peters.

These bikes have ample go-fast upgrade parts, and are a TON of fun between zero and 70mph. They make great commuting machines, and are popular in a more supermoto configuration too. They perform like a sport bike between the lights, and the single cylinder thumper motor make the a wheelie machine (if you aren’t careful).

Only caveat – these bikes are not for short riders. The stock seat height is like 37in or some crazy thing, so be prepared to add lowering links and shorter springs if you want one and are under 6ft, otherwise you can just get good at balancing at stops.

So, when we see one that’s extra-nice looking, and available at a reasonable price, we like to list it.

Seller here has a clean, all original looking bike that they say comes with a clean, CA title in their name. The factory tool bag and top-kit appear to be present here as well, which we usually only see on particularly pampered machines. Under 5k miles is barely out of the break-in period for this engine, so you’d be getting a bike with a LOT of life left in it.

The asking price of $3800 should have some room for negotiation, and closer to $3500 is about right.

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XR 650 L






Scotts Valley, CA




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  • David 9 months ago

    Hey, Im interested in the bike is there a way I can contact you to buy the bike?

  • David 9 months ago

    I live pretty close so we can meet up today is that ok?


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