1989 BMW K100RS ABS – 30 Years Old and Still From The Future

Up for sale in Camarillo, California is this very tidy looking 1989 BMW K100 RS. 

The K-bikes have traditionally been less loved than the BMW boxer airheads, and have been (by some) decried as simply a sad solution to a late 1970s emissions problem, but we think they are so much more than that.

K-bikes are starting to get love from the custom community, and regardless of how hipster or not they are, what we can say for sure is that some (like this one), look rad, they are fairly easy to maintain and parts are cheap and plentiful.

The bike ip for sale looks fantastic, and per the seller is almost all original. When new, this top-of-the-range sport model produced about 75hp, and was capable of hitting north of 130mph. This model also came with the industry’s first moto-mounted ABS system. We haven’t used one, but the dual discs in the front an single in the rear should produce real stopping power no matter what.

Seller states that they are the only owner, and have put all 14k miles on the bike since new. They further state that all maintenance has been performed by a BMW dealer and has recently included new parts including new fuel pump, hoses, battery, and spark plugs. receipts for all can accompany the transaction. Seller states everything is perfect, and the bike looks and runs as-new.

While all that sounds pretty great, and the bike appears to be owned by a moto enthusiast who has other high-end bikes in the stable, that wasn’t what caught our eye first. We love the special edition (and very cherry looking) pearl white and dark blue paint scheme that makes this futuristic looking bike undeniably a Beemer. Sitting on white alloys and a single-side swing arm give this bike a fantastic stance that somehow defines an era and transcends it at the same time.

Seller is asking $5983 for a clean CA title in their name, which ‘The Price is Right’ code for, offer me $5000 and let’s make a deal.

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K 100 RS






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