1989 JDM Honda AX-1 Sports Traverse – Radder Dominator

Up for sale in San Marcos, Texas is a fun little twist on the iconic Honda Dominator 250. This “AX-1 Sports Traverse” was imported from the Japanese domestic market, and has a distinct look and feel that you dont get often from domestic market vehicles of the era.

Both bikes are essentially smaller dual-sport bikes, designed to be ridden on a mix of trails and roads—this being the smaller sister of the NX650.

Under the hood, the AX-1 has a similar motor the the dominator’s. It’s a 249cc DOHC single cylinder thumper. It’s water-cooled, and it will theoretically produce about 25hp nearing the modest 8500rpm redline.

Crazy performance machine this is not, but no 250cc bike is meant to be. Honda did include a hotter cam on the AX-1, and this model does feature disc brakes front and rear, whereas the US version has a disc and drums.

The real standout here though are the looks. This bike coms with some undeniably JDM graphics, and the white mag wheels will make it standout anywhere it’s parked. The neon green/optic yellow fork gaiters really set things off, and overall we thing she’s a beaut’.

Seller claims that the bike as a fresh tires and chain, which means either that they made sure its read to ride, or that they didn’t really go through it after acquiring it, and did the bare minimum to make the roughly 7k mile bike road-ready. The good news is that unlike some JDM stuff, this bike is very close to a popular US model, so most parts should be available here in the states at a reasonable price.

The bike is not a show-pony by any means, and looks like it has been doing what it was built for. Plastics looks good, if a bit dusty, and the motor’s cosmetics are a little beat… which speak to age as much as they do to treatment.

We think this could be a mega fun addition to a stable if you are looking for a little get-around for a smaller rider (the JDM bike has a lower seat-height than the US model), or you just want to rip around some hills and love to have something that no one else will be out on that day.

Seller claims a clean Texas title, whcih is cool becuase sometimes JDM titling can be tricky, and is asking $3250. WE’d make sure the motor has been gone through, at least by the seller, and we’d offer closer to $2800 if we could get it. Seller appears to be a shop or reseller of some kind, so we might trade a few dollars here for a warranty and agreement on fist service, if thats the sort of thing they do.

Otherwise, we say, grip it and rip it on something no one else will have in their garage.

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