1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane – High Art Cross-Pond Cruiser

Up for sale on the Santa Cruz area Craigslist is this very special 1973 Triumph Hurricane.

The X-75 Hurricane was a ‘factory special’ created by fairing specialist, Craig Vetter. Craig was the founder of Vetter Fairing Company, recognized by everyone – including the Guggenheim Museum – for his transformational work on motorcycles.

Seller claims only 2200 miles on it, and that could certainly be the case given the special nature of these bikes. Overall condition from the images seem to support that figure. But eye contact is certainly drawn to the original 3-into-3 pipes, which look like the brass section of your local symphony. Its rumored that pictures of the bare-left side were banned.

The three-cylinder, four-stroke beast has a 740cc displacement with top speed at 110mph when new. The tank is slightly smaller at 10L (2.6 gallon), giving you a solid 75-mile ride, whcih should be enough to get you too and from your local bikes and coffee.

Seller claims everything is original, including the 3x 27mil Amal carburetors.

The price is significantly more than bikes what we normally post, with the seller asking $19,500, which we’ll note is down from a previously listing of $22,500. This is a special bike—probably one of the most original, and design-forward British bikes ever produced. It screams loudly for it’s aesthetic, and we think the buyer that walks away with this will be looking for exactly that.

For anything, and especially something this expensive and rare, we recommend a thorough inspection by a mechanic that regularly works on english iron.

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X-75 Hurricane






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