1975 BMW R75/6 – City Limo & Touring Bike

Up for sale in Asheville, NC is this beautiful 1975 BMW R75/6. Seller has owned this beauty for 15 years, claims only 5400 miles, & still has all of the service records since the original purchase in Seattle on September 20, 1975.

In 1974, the /6 series was BMW’s brand new, 5-speed transmission with front disk brakes. It’s predecessor, the /5 series, had front drum brakes & 4-speed transmission It was also the first year that BMW included a tachometer & 140mph speedometer as standard parts & the kickstart was not. But with a 280W alternator attached to the cable operated throttle, you’ll be able to start this thing in the winter with no choke. 

Power is from BMW’s 750cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, two cylinder, OHV, horizontally opposed Boxer engine. The pushrods operate 2 valves per cylinder with a compression ratio of 9:1. Fueling via 2 Bing constant depression carbs. Top speed of 110mph can be reached with a driveshaft at 50hp at 6200rpm. With a fuel capacity of 4.8 gallons & 50 miles per gallon, this is the perfect combination of classic style with functional touring capabilities. 

The R75/6 gained notoriety for having the weight and acceleration of cows. Although that may be true, they offer a level of maneauvability to weave in-and-out of rush hour traffic. They’re also relatively quiet and vibration-free until 70mph. Yes, it’s heavy & slow but you won’t be able to find another combination of style, adventure touring, & city commuting. 

The multi-functional capabilities can be attributed to the suspension and brakes. Suspension features telescopic hydraulic forks in the front & twin shocks on a long swingarm in the rear. While the front brakes have a single disc with a 200mm diameter drum brake in the rear.

Seller has kept this bike in excellent condition and has managed to maintain it with all OEM parts and no modifications. Which is why we think that $5000 is actually quite a steal. You’ll even get the original & complete West German tool kit, owners manual, built-in tire pump, & random OEM spare parts. 

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